Dinner Guest

This is a short story I wrote a couple of weeks ago. It was inspired by the piece of wax (formerly a candle) in the picture

Candle wax that was the inspiration for this story.

Candle wax that was the inspiration for this story.


At dinner, a guest was struck by the green candle at the centre-piece. It stood tall and thick, with its modest flame shining a comforting light into the room.

The guest got lost in the glint of the green candle’s light, and wondered how it had become so beautiful in its shapely imperfection. It stood on a thick bronze candle-stick that had two arms curving upwards. It’s green wax had spilled onto these arms, forming a beautiful layer of gentle ridges that filled it with so much life.

In a daze, the guest asked the candle, “You look as if you are happy to flow away into the shape of the candle-stick. Are you not afraid that you are not in control of your form?” The candle replied, “My sense of purpose lies not in my form but in my substance. My colour and beauty remain intact no matter my form. I am satisfied because I remain true to my essence.”

With those words, the dinner guest felt a burden had been lifted from his spirit.

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To Walk In Light

How do you know you are walking on the right path? I think you know because everything falls into place without much effort on your part. If you just let go and do what you believe in, the path opens up before you. It opens up as you walk. You cant see it from afar but when you need to take the next step, it is guaranteed that the path will be lit enough for you to see where to go.

I have begun to notice this in my own life. Since the moment I decided to let go and stop trying to run everything, my external and internal circumstances have improved tremendously. Internally,  I feel secure with who I am and what I am doing and at peace too. It feels like nothing can make me move away from this path. Externally, it’s as if the world is working hard to profit me. My relationships, career, financial life, opportunities, physical state and almost everything else seem to obey my innermost desires.


(image from http://www.truthworks.org)

I have attracted friends who are totally in line with my spirit and who are resources for my benefit. Opportunities to fulfill dreams I have are literally burgeoning towards me.

So far, I have come to the hypothesis that this is partly what St Francis of Assisi meant when he said:”… It is in dying that we are born to eternal light”. Once we (humans) decide to trust nature and let it take it’s course, our decisions are made out of generosity and not selfishness, we begin to see the same things differently (with depth). Love naturally pours out of us. Any effort we make stops being painful and becomes joyful; like a sacrifice which is made whole-heartedly.

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