Education System or Systems?

We tend to use the term ‘education system’ when referring to policy on educating society. But is this the best term? Doesn’t it limit our thinking when we state is as one single system rather than a collection of systems serving different learning needs in our society? For instance, early childhood, vocational training, adult learning, higher education, sports, play and cultural experience both in and outside the formal school system are all components of our education as a society, but they are all provided through different systems. The view that education is only what is formally taught in a learning institution starting from pre-primary to university is limiting. If we thought about education policy more broadly we would include cultural spaces and processes as well as community social spaces. Such broad policy would reflect the reality of how children, youth and adults learn, and perhaps be more responsive to the needs of communities. Adapting to changes like tech would probably not be limited simply to computer labs at schools or e-learning courses that replicate the classroom model. The language we use when we name education systems is limiting our perception of it.

like fabric patterns, several systems blend together to make up the whole

A Story in Hip Hop

Hip hop, like all music, is a mode of expressing stories. I wrote down the story in Warren G and Nate Dogg’s song Regulate (video below) as I understood it. It’s a rather funny story as it seems so mundane until you place it in the song. Without the music it would be just another (eventful) Friday night story.

The story as I understand it :)

Nate and Warren are regulators of organized crime in their neighborhood. They are handy with guns, as this is what it takes to be successful in their business.

One black night, when the sky was clear and the  moon was shining, Warren was driving around looking for women to spend the night with. Nate was looking for Warren, with the same intention of finding women. Nate drove past a car full of women who were so taken by him, they hit their car on the curb. However, he decided that they were not worth his effort at that moment since it was more important for him to find Warren.

Meanwhile, Warren had turned left at the intersection of 21st and Lewis, seen a group of guys gambling and decided to join in.  To his surprise, they turned on him, robbing him of his rings and Rolex at gunpoint. Nate drove up just in time to save Warren and fired shots (he had 17 rounds loaded). The group dispersed as a result of the shooting while Nate and Warren escaped.

Now that they were safe again, the two men went back to their initial plans of finding women to spend the night with (Nate’s love for women was well- known whereas Warren had had similar intentions for the night to begin with). They came across the women whom Nate had driven past earlier, but this time they decided it was worth the effort to ‘help’ them as their car was broken down. They went to the Eastside Motel with the women and had a great time. And lived happily ever after, dominating the G-funk era.